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A unique capability in Oil and Gas facility maintenance,
Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) coating, corrosion mitigation, chemical attacks.

Arrow Construction Company Limited: A unique capability in oil and gas facility maintenance, emergency pipeline repair system (EPRS) coating, corrosion mitigation, chemical attacksOur services and competencies are focused on the following areas:
  • Pipeline Management and Maintenance: No shutdown required, guaranteed reinforcement of pipelines with wall loss up 90% to original integrity through composite repairs, No hot work, No sectional replacement of pipeline, 20 years repair guaranty.
  • Flowline and pipeline construction
  • Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS)-Online leak repairs on oil or gas installations: No total shutdown required
  • Coating and Corrosion mitigation for hash and aggressive environments
  • Repair and Refurbishment of static/rotating equipment
  • Flange maintenance and management
  • In-line inspection services for unpiggable pipelines within a facility
  • Flare stack inspection and pipeline surveillance with UAVs
  • Gas lifts Compressor design, production and installation etc.
  • Civil engineering and construction.
  • Specialized procurement and outsourcing (we are affiliated to a buying houses in Europe)
  • Repair/Reinforcement of Gas/hydrocarbon piping/pipelines with up to 80% wall loss back to original integrity, without shutdown, no hot work, no sectional replacement, no temperature limitation etc., with 20years repair guarantee.
  • Online leak repair on flanges, tees, bends, pipes, etc. in less than 10-15 minutes for above ground installations, no shutdown required.
  • Internal and external corrosion control and prevention
  • Valve integrity management (Online)
  • Blasting, Painting and Coating services while plant is live
  • Inspection of pipelines and piping systems within your facility that is un-piggable using various state of the art inspection tools.
  • Maintenance and re-certification of pressure vessels
  • Debottlenecking
Products & Services

Composite Repair Technology

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our product portfolio with 3X ENGINEERING product lines and propose a wide range of anti-corrosion solutions and repair technologies for the assets suffering from corrosion and mechanical damages.

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Chesterton Coating and Corrosion

The Chesterton Solution for Oil, Gas, Mechanical Installations
Coating/Corrosion Products for Vessels, Tanks, Metals and Pipelines Especially for Hash and Aggressive Environments

Explore our Chesterton Product
Products & Services
Products & Services

Monti Bristle Blaster

Blasting Without Brit Using Monti’s Bristle Blaster Technology
Our company Arrowconn represent Monti BV, Germany, OEM of Bristle Blaster in exclusive capacity, we offer applicator training, repairs and after sales services…

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The repair of Industrial Leaks without Plant Shutdown
Our franchise with Petroseal of France capacitize us to perform optimally on leak sealing and pipeline maintenance without shutdowns, not minding the temperature or pressure.

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Products & Services