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Pipeline Maintenance

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Pipeline Maintenance

3X Engineering pipe repairs reinforcement and rehabilitation system offers an engineered cost effective, advanced alternative to metal sleeves. This solution can be applied in any weather condition and to any port of the pipe inclusive of joint, bends, and tees”.

We also provide innovative and cost saving solutions in our emergency pipe corrosion repair and maintenance program using 3X Technology “Composite repair of corroded pipe from 2″ to 56” also applicable on tee and elbow, oil, gas, water. We are specialist in pipe repair: leaks, corrosion and after defects.

Depending on the nature of the problem, Arrow construction will provide solution and repair to leaks under pressure, up to 80 bars/1200 ps1 without a shutdown.

Repair and strengthening of corroded pipes for both internal and external corrosion – offshore application using REINFORCEKIT 4D, REFLANGE KIT SF6, TANKIT, ROLLERKIT, STOP KIT,  BRISTLE BLASTER then you can follow up on the other details on mechanical and civil works, equipment lease and marine services.

We are also painting and coating experts with preference for CHESTERTON/ARC EFFICIENT AND PROTECTIVE COATINGS, INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS, GREASE, SEALS AND SEALANTS, et al. Our products are designed to accommodate conditions of high temperature and pressure, erosive and abrasive flows, and chemically aggressive environments.

ARC(Advanced Reinforce Composites) efficiency and protective coatings excel in these aggressive conditions,providing the highly durable protection required .