Special and Effective Onshore & Offshore Solutions

  • Specialized international procurement and supplies
  • Manufacturer representation
  • offshore maintenance and repairs
  • High and low pressure leak repairs- pipelines, flowlines, storage tanks etc
  • Wall Reinforcement/Corrosion Control- mechanical damage, corrosion damage, dents etc
  • Pipe/Flowline Repair, Maintenance, Reinforcement Training and Consultancy
  • Outsourcing

Arrow Construction offers unique services to the Oil and Gas sector in Nigeria and the African region. We provide effective solutions in sourcing, importing and supply of spare parts and specialized equipment.

To ensure the highest levels of services and shortest possible delivery times, we utilize a well established international network of suppliers and buying houses from Europe, the USA and the far East and work closely with specially selected freight forwarding and clearing companies who understand the demands of our industry.

With this, we are able to offer comprehensive, reliable and professional services designed to satisfy specific needs. From international sourcing to local delivery, OEM representation and local logistics solutions, Arrow Construction possesses requisite multi-level expertise for Oil and Gas facilitation.

Mechanical & Civil Engineering Works

  • Roads, drainages and bridges
  • Swamp clearing
  • Steel fabrication
  • Plant /asset management and maintenance
  • Pipe repairs and maintenance
  • Pressure gauges
  • Safety valves and repairs

Arrow construction brings a proud heritage of engineering accomplishments ranging from execution of civil engineering contracts like roads, bridges, drains, swamp clearing to specialized and structured works like process packages and flare system, supply and repairs of safety valves, pressure gauges.

We work with highly reputable international companies and manufacturers.

Process Packages & Flare Systems

We represent Escher Process Modules’ products and services which include but not limited to:

  • Oil and gas condensate treatment unitsserv-3
  • TEG/MEG/DEG regeneration systems
  • Application of low temperature and phase separation
  • (Pre) assembled process units and modular
  • Glycol and/or methanol, molecular sieve or silica gel processes
  • Flare stacks derrick supported or guyed, retractable flare and flare tips.
  • Gas gathering applications

Escher Process Modules BV is one of the worlds leading process and instrumentation companies with more than 75 years experience in process engineering and design.

Pipeline Maintenance, Repairs, Leak Repairs and Prevention, Corrosion Treatment/Prevention, Pipe Reinforcement

3x engineering pipe repairs reinforcement and rehabilitation system offers an engineered cost effective, advanced alternative to metal sleeves. This solution can be applied in any weather condition and to any port of the pipe inclusive of joint, bends, and tees”.

We also provide innovative and cost saving solutions in our emergency pipe corrosion repair and maintenance program using 3X technology “Composite repair of corroded pipe from 2″ to 56” also applicable on tee and elbow, oil, gas, water. We are specialist in pipe repair: leaks, corrosion and after defects.

Depending on the nature of the problem, Arrow construction will provide solution and repair to leaks under pressure, up to 80 bars/1200 ps1 without a shutdown. Repair and strengthening of corroded pipes for both internal and external corrosion – offshore application using REINFORCEKIT 4D, REFLANGE KIT SF6, STOP KIT, BRISTLE BLASTER then you can follow up on the other details on mechanical and civil works, equipment lease and marine services.

Equipment Supply Services & Leasing

Arrow Construction supplies and leases all types of heavy duty and construction equipment ranging from swamp excavators, cranes, land excavators, Dozers. This services is complimented with our haulage and Logistic solicitors.

Marine Services

We own, manage and lease all types of marine equipment ranging from sea going vessels, Houseboats, barges, tugboats to marine project consultancy.